Senior Care and Nursing Homes Tomorrow

This Weeks Senior Living Community Highlight: St. Paul's Senior Services San Diego

July 13, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
Senior Care and Nursing Homes Tomorrow
This Weeks Senior Living Community Highlight: St. Paul's Senior Services San Diego
Show Notes

With the year 2020 St. Paul Senior Services has now been serving San Diego seniors for 60 years.

St. Paul Senior Services has cared for thousands of seniors over these 60 years. We've earned many prestigious awards for our communities and care, and have had many influential visitors.

The idea for St. Paul senior services began in 1953 when father Harold Robinson of St. Paul's Church and its parishioners had the vision to build a retirement community for older adults of modest income. In 1960. St. Paul's nonprofit corporation was established, and in 1962 St. Paul's Manor assisted living opened as our first senior living community soon after St. Paul's John a McColl Family Health Center opened its doors, a Skilled Nursing Facility in San Diego. Followed by St. Paul's Villa. And our intergenerational senior day program at the Community Care Center three St. Paul's PACE Centers throughout the county two alternative care centers and a new St. Paul's PACE alternative care site to be opened in Encinitas this year.

During this time we've also opened six homeless housing projects for over two hundred and forty formerly homeless seniors. As our mission States; St. Paul's is spiritually guided to help seniors lead enriched lives through excellent and innovative services.

John and Sharon McCall and their family have supported St. Paul's since 1958. It came very much aware that there were a number of senior residents who live in San Diego. As leaders in senior care we host educational programs for the San Diego community. 

We have also launched a networking program for young professionals in the senior care industry to provide education and support. To give back to the community we have a Food Bank for seniors with food securities. Arranged an annual essential needs drive for our low-income pace seniors. Hosts an annual blanket drive for seniors in need an annual love
gala a prayer breakfast for leaders from all faiths. A yearly legislative breakfast to educate our elected officials and the community on senior issues and we organize annual holiday events for our residents including Memorial Day and Veterans Day where we honor our veterans. 

And what about the next 60 years for St. Paul Senior Services. And with the mature market growing Seoul will say polls grow to meet the needs and the desires of future seniors plans for St. Paul's manner to be reimagined are underway. The newly refreshed McCall health center may be expanded and the Home Office city block will be developed to provide more senior housing. The vacant lot across the street will be developed as a multi-purpose housing and commercial enterprise. With the plaza expanding to serve more seniors in the South Bay.

At. Paul's PACe will continue to expand across the region with additional supportive housing for homeless seniors in two new projects opening in 2021, and others are in the planning stage. We can't talk about our accomplishments or our future without recognizing our visionary board members and our amazing employees. We have 48 dedicated volunteer board members on 4 separate boards, and over 650 staff. Also St. Paul's could not be where it is today without our caring and compassionate volunteers and donors who dedicate their time talent and treasure to our seniors. The future is very bright for those we serve and also for those who are called to serve.